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Kayaking at Bowman Lake - Glacier National Park
Bowman Lake at Glacier National Park, Montana. One of the most peaceful and serene places that is so quiet, you can hear whispers from literally miles away. No lie! The young lady in the kayak is one of many new friends we made on this trip. Her name is Chris, and she very graciously allowed me to capture her photo and share this beautiful moment she was enjoying out on the lake.
Stairway to Paradise
Wouldn't you just love to walk down these stairs and spend your day just relaxing and taking in the scenery along the base of this beautiful lake? This area is located close to the Apgar Village Lodge and is an access to one of the most beautiful lakes in all of America. It is one of the most peaceful places you could ever go to. Spotted a gorgeous bald eagle flying overhead here one morning. Glacier National Park, Montana
Apgar Village - Glacier National Park, Montana
Sometimes, some of the most beautiful places of Glacier National Park are the ones you discover on your own...the places which are secluded and not visited frequently. This photo I captured early in the morning, just behind the Apgar Village Lodge, down the stairs and looking out over a portion of Lake McDonald. There were no other people here and no other photographers out with the tripods and cameras. I thought that the rocks along the lake were so beautiful and the clouds were moving pretty rapidly across the sky, so I decided to use a 10-stop neutral density filter which allowed me to use a longer shutter speed to bring more of a dramatic look to the clouds and the water in the lake. I used a platypod which I mounted on top of one of the big rocks, using a 16mm wide angle lens in order to bring as many of the beautiful rocks as possible into the foreground. Believe it or not, but there were very few edits I made to the original raw photo in photoshop done here. I only used about 8 layers of luminos
Jackson Glacier Overlook-1
Glacier National Park - Saint Mary Lake
Glacier National Park is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in the United States. I never want my photographs to say, "I was here". Instead, I want them to communicate to the person viewing the image that "You need to be here!" On this day at Glacier, it was a very cloudy day and a rainstorm had just come through the park. It stopped raining just before sunset, leaving me an opportunity to capture the colors of the setting sun reflecting through the beautiful clouds hovering over and hugging the mountain range. I took this picture at Saint Mary Lake boat dock, just to the east of the Wild Goose Island overlook off of Going the Sun Road. I used a 10-stop Neutral Density Filter to give the lake a really silky and smooth look.
Lake McDonald - Glacier National Park
I am up in the beautiful state of Montana this week, photographing the absolutely magnificent beauty of Glacier National Park. It is my first time doing photography here and the scenery, the rugged mountains, beautiful lakes and glaciers, the wildlife, alpine meadows, forests and wild flowers all around, are nothing short of spectacular! This image below is of Lake McDonald in West Glacier, a short walk from Apgar Village. I captured this picture with my new Canon R5 mirrorless camera (which I absolutely love) using a Canon 16-35mm lens.
Wild Goose Island Lake - Glacier National Park, Montana
This landscape photo I captured at Glacier National Park is of Wild Goose Island, located just west of Saint Mary. This is the spot on the Going-to-the-Sun Road which is one of the most photographed locations in the entire park and we returned several times to this location. Many times, it was very windy and cold and the water was very choppy, not to mention smoky from all the fires out west, but on this day, after a rainstorm went through the area, and the yellows and golds of the setting sun appeared through the clouds, I thought it made a very interesting photograph. No two days look the same from this place. Each day, it looks like a different scene, and each time it was so beautiful. I used a 10-stop neutral density filter to show the movement in the clouds and to make the water appear more smooth. Hope that you enjoy it!
Montana Scenery
I saw this beautiful scene while driving in Montana, and just had to pull the car over on the side of the road to just admire it and photograph it. This is just a random place along Rt 93 in Montana, somewhere in between the cities of Whitefish and Missoula. The setting sun behind me cast this absolutely stunning and beautiful light onto this jaw dropping view of nature. Absolutely magnificent!
Kayaking at Bowman Lake - Glacier National Park Stairway to Paradise Apgar Village - Glacier National Park, Montana Jackson Glacier Overlook-1 Glacier National Park - Saint Mary Lake Lake McDonald - Glacier National Park Wild Goose Island Lake - Glacier National Park, Montana Montana Scenery
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