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Multnomah Falls, Oregon
This is an image I captured of the absolutely beautiful Multnomah Falls in Oregon. I used a 10 stop neutral density filter which allowed me to shoot with a 2 minute exposure, to give the water falling a silky and soft look. I have seen many waterfalls before, but this one just absolutely takes your breath away. Absolutely wonderful!
Cannon Beach sunset in Oregon
I have seen many beautiful beaches in my lifetime, but it would be very difficult to find a beach which rivals the breathtaking magnificence of Cannon Beach on the Pacific coast of Oregon. It is no wonder why National Geographic considers this place one of the most beautiful beaches in all the world. It really is an amazing place and in my opinion, one of the most romantic places I have ever seen. When you arrive to the beach you are taken in by the smell of the ocean air and the comfortable breeze. Although it is beautiful all up and down the coast, it's most prominent feature is Haystack Rock, which is in this photograph I captured. Haystack Rock is much bigger than it looks in the image, for I captured it with a wide angle lens in order to feature the beautiful setting sun along the coastline. An absolutely fantastic place, and one I did not want to leave. I am definitely more of a mountain person than a beach person, but this is a place I will want to visit time and time again.
Multnomah Falls, Oregon Cannon Beach sunset in Oregon
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