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Yosemite National Park at sunset
Yosemite Valley at Yosemite National Park in California
Snake River at Grand Teton National Park
The absolutely gorgeous Grand Teton Mountain range in Wyoming is one of the most beautiful sights to see in Amerca. This image I captured of the beautiful snake river in the foreground, which flows past the beautiful and majestic mountain range into the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Everyone should see this place at least one time in their lifetime. I've been twice and cannot wait to go back again!
Stowe, Vermont in Autumn
Captured this image of the absolutely gorgeous Autumn foliage of Vermont. This is the city of Stowe, VT
Ash Hollow State Park Nebraska
I captured this image of the remains of the Windlass Hill ranch of Reverend Dennis. For years, this was a land mark in Ash Hollow and it marked the location of Windlass Hill. The Oregon Trail passed here.
Arches National Park
Golden Hour wide angle shot captured at Arches National Park in Utah
Lake Willoughby - Vermont
Lake Willoughby at dawn in Westmore, Vermont
Assateague Photography
Wild horses on the beach at Assateague State Park in Maryland
Chicago El Train
Captured this image long exposure image of a Chicago El train at the Adams and Wabash train station
Bison at Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Bison looking right down the barrel of my camera lens. Shooting with a Canon 1DX and a 600mm f/4 so I was safely distant.
Great White Heron
Captured this close up shot of a Great White Egret in the Florida Everglades
Playful Parrots
In Florida I found these two absolutely beautiful Parrots, enjoying each other. These birds never fail to bring a smile to my face. Love them so much!
Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian building dome
The absolutely beautiful dome at the entrance to the Pennsylvanian building in downtown Pittsburgh. I love the beautiful high domed ceiling and intricate stone carvings in this place. So much detail went into this! I had to shoot ultra wide to capture the magnificent beauty of this place, especially at night!
Magical Sunset at Magic Kingdom
Captured this image of the eastern side of Cinderella's castle pointing West towards the sunset. The scene was just so beautiful this day and I am so grateful to have had a Platypod to set up.
5th Street Arcades - Cleveland
The 5th Street Arcades are situated in the heart of downtown Cleveland, running parallel between East 4th and East 6th Streets, bound by Euclid and Prospect Avenues at each end. They make gorgeous photo opportunities!
Downtown Baltimore Skyline
Image I captured on Memorial Day (notice the red,white and blue lighting on some of the buildings) of downtown Baltimore, taken directly across the infamous inner harbor.
Chicago El Train Station
Captured this image with a 3-stop ND filter in order to use a longer exposure for the moving trains. Adams and Wabash train station in Chicago
Higgs Beach Pier
This is an awesome place to capture an early morning shot in Key West. You will pretty much be by yourself at sunrise with the exception of a bunch of roosters making their noise at the early morning light. It is a beautiful place to do a landscape shot for it makes a gorgeous leading line into the scene.
Brown Pelican
The birds of south Florida and the Florida Keys, contrasted against the beautiful sunsets of Florida make for some run and beautiful photography opportunities!
Early Morning in Key West, Florida
There is nothing like the sight of waves crashing on to beautiful rocks in a beautiful place. Captured this photo in Key West, Florida
South Point Pier Park
This absolutely gorgeous scene from South Point Pier Park at Miami Beach in Florida was just so breathtaking beautiful. I wanted to capture a sunrise shoot but I thought that the cloud cover made a more interesting high contrast B&W image. Just a beautiful place to capture landscape images.
Yosemite National Park at sunset Snake River at Grand Teton National Park Stowe, Vermont in Autumn Ash Hollow State Park Nebraska Arches National Park Lake Willoughby - Vermont Assateague Photography Chicago El Train Bison at Yellowstone National Park Great White Heron Playful Parrots Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian building dome Magical Sunset at Magic Kingdom 5th Street Arcades - Cleveland Downtown Baltimore Skyline Chicago El Train Station Higgs Beach Pier Brown Pelican Early Morning in Key West, Florida South Point Pier Park
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