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New York - Tudor City Overpass
This was my second time visiting the Tudor City overpass in New York City. The first time I was a little unhappy with the conditions nd the lighting, but this time it was much better and I liked this image much better. This is one of those locations that make New York look so romantic when lit up at night and so exciting and fun to photograph. This view is from Tudor City, right by the United Nations building, looking straight down 42nd Street in midtown Manhattan, West towards the Hudson River. Out in the distance is the lights of Times Square and this is a beautiful view of the Chrysler Building from this location. I captured this photo at dusk, a little after rush hour in NYC so there were lots of cars going up and down the street. The long exposure made them look like streaks of light.
New York Library Staircase
This photograph is a picture I took of one of the stunningly beautiful staircases that lead down to the main lobby of the New York Public Library from the mezzanine level.
New York Public Library-1
NYC Public Library Main Reading Room
Inside the NYC public library is a wealth of beautiful places! This is an image I captured of the main reading room of the New York Public Library. This was my first time inside the library and this reading room, and there are places inside the library that are absolutely beautiful! I will be sharing more images of this beautiful place later this week.
New York Skyline at Night
Last weekend, I spent some time in New York City and did some more photography the Big Apple. This image of downtown Manhattan at night, I captured from Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Cathedral of St John the Divine
The magnificent beauty of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York City is staggering gorgeous and truly awesome. Behind the main alter of this beautiful church are these little mini prayer and worship rooms. I captured this photo of one of those little rooms with my Canon. Although the rooms look much larger in the photo with my 16mm lens, you can count the number of chairs to gauge the size for yourself and see that this room just seats only about a dozen people. Each one of these prayer and worship rooms are filled with so much architectural detail and the most incredible architecture. I was dreaming of what it would be like to photograph a wedding here. An absolutely gorgeous cathedral on the upper west side of Manhattan! Pay a visit and bring your camera!
New York City Tribute
I was super lucky when I captured this image of New York City from Rockefeller Plaza one night. Not only was I being treated to a magnificent and beautiful sunset, but the setting sun rays were hitting the Freedom Tower of the World Trade Center in such a spectacular way that it was shooting incredible beams of beautiful light from the building, which appeared to be a stunning and very unexpected tribute to New York's old World Trade Center. This is not photoshopped and it is exactly how the building looked at this time. It was absolutely magnificent to watch!
Times Square - New York City
There is perhaps nothing more exciting than visiting Times Square in New York City. The excitement, the energy, the city lights, is truly a sight to be enjoyed at least one time in your life.
Fulton Center
The Fulton Center is a shopping center/restaurant venue located right above the Fulton St subway station in New York City. I loved the futuristic look to this place!
New York Nights-1New York City Nights
Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan as backdrop
New York City's sights are so exciting and so breathtaking. There is a romantic aura to the city that just makes you feel good and alive! This photograph I captured from Brooklyn of the Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan as a backdrop. I hope that you enjoy it!
Dumbo - New York City
This picture is one I captured while in New York of an area known as Dumbo, which has been seen in many movies and is a favorite place for Instagrammers to take selfies. It is a really beautiful cobblestone street in Brooklyn with the base of the Manhattan Bridge in between the two buildings. If you look closely, you can also see the Empire State Building out in the distance at the very bottom of the bridge, in between the gap in the base. I know that this location has been photographed to death and it has also been in countless movies and TV ads, but I never photographed it before and wanted to give it a shot. I plan on making several different versions of this image, for I think it would look wonderful in Black and White and also sepia tone. Hope that you enjoy it!
Tudor City Overpass-1
Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset
There is no experience quite like watching the sunset on New York Harbor, and watching the city lights come on in the millions of windows along the NYC skyline. I never get tired of it!
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine
The architecture of New York City is truly amazing, especially in the cathedrals and churches. While St. Patrick's Cathedral is the one that always comes to mind, on the Upper West side of Manhattan by 100th street if the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. The details of the architecture in this place are truly breathtaking! I could not stop taking photos!
Photographs always tell a story and this one is no exception. Yesterday afternoon, we had some pretty intense thunderstorms in New York City. And while everyone is running indoors to seek shelter, the crazy photographers run outside to capture the amazing scenery in photographs! I wanted a summer storm while in New York and the weather did not disappoint, I was downtown by Fulton St and the World Trade Center and wanted to use the storm clouds to create a real apocalyptic looking image. Across the street from me was the Oculus, which is a modern structure surrounded by some old and new buildings. I looked up and saw the approaching dark clouds and was so excited! With my wide angle lens, I pointed up and got this image contrasted with the stormy clouds.
New York City Cityscape
The city lights of Midtown Manhattan at night is truly one of the most spectacular on earth, and it has such a romantic and magical feel to it . I don't regret moving away, for I loved living in this area for so many years. But I have to say that my heart has grown even fonder of this beautiful city as a visitor. New York is everything to every person. It is sometimes bleak and shabby, but it is also bright and blooming. It is where the nation's taste is made. It is the gateway to the American continent and it is the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. It is an impossible place to live, yet to many, the only place to live. My heart will always have a special place reserved for this area and I will always remember with a deep fondness and love, the many family and friends who still call this place home.
Pershing Square Central Cafe
When I was in New York City, I not only wanted to capture images of the big and exciting things that make NYC so special, but also the little interesting things that may go unnoticed but nevertheless, make NYC so unique in it's own special way. It was recommended to me by another photographer to visit (and photograph) the Pershing Square Cafe (at Grand Central). This restaurant is literally right outside the front door of Grand Central Terminal. I thought the location of this restaurant was a classic, for it is very unusual to have what appears to be a little restaurant under an overpass but it is actually really big inside and they have friendly service and very tasty food! It was early in the morning and I actually stopped inside and had breakfast here and it was so good! Great service, great food, and an interesting location! I highly recommend the Pershing Square Cafe restaurant on your next visit to NYC!
New York City Skyline Panoramic
In my opinion, one of the most gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline is believe it or not, across the Hudson River from New Jersey! So many photographers love to capture the downtown shot with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, and that is truly a beautiful shot and a classic! But this is one you don't get to see very much and it is in my opinion, just as beautiful! I captured this image from Hamilton Park in Weehawken, NJ. It is a short drive through the tunnel from anywhere in midtown Manhattan and the park offers absolutely terrific views of the Empire State Building and midtown, as well as downtown Manhattan. I made a panoramic image of this view across the Hudson at sunset. It was absolutely beautiful! The romance of NYC as the city lights start to come on is just truly awesome!
Grand Central Terminal in New York
This is an image I captured of Grand Central Terminal this morning. There were really a ton of people walking through the terminal, but I used a long exposure so you only see the ones standing still and some who only slightly moved have that ghostly look.
The Oculus - New York City
This is an image I captured in downtown Manhattan of the inside of the Oculus. The Oculus is the new train station in the World Trade Center area that is created by the architect Santiago Calatrava. He intended it to resemble a dove leaving a child's hands. It is a very modern building that is very interesting to photograph with the repeating patterns.
New York - Tudor City Overpass New York Library Staircase New York Public Library-1 NYC Public Library Main Reading Room New York Skyline at Night Cathedral of St John the Divine New York City Tribute Times Square - New York City Fulton Center New York Nights-1New York City Nights Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan as backdrop Dumbo - New York City Tudor City Overpass-1 Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset Cathedral of Saint John the Divine Oculus-1 New York City Cityscape Pershing Square Central Cafe New York City Skyline Panoramic Grand Central Terminal in New York The Oculus - New York City
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